JuJuice™ is a Johannesburg based company and was found by Maggie Kitshoff, a mother of two and businesswoman.

" 'Jungle Juice' is a traditional recipe that really works and has been passed between mothers for many years. As a busy mother, I often struggled to get the ingredients or simply did not have the time. I also travelled and found the constant mixing to add more stress to my already taxing days. 'I asked myself why the tradition couldn’t be improved to suite the needs of a new generation of mothers.' When I developed JuJuice™ I relied on the help of experts and professionals. The tradition had to be preserved! The product had to taste good, be natural and free of preservatives and had to contain all the active ingredients found in the traditional recipe. It was along these ideas that JuJuice™ was designed and I am delighted that we were able to preserve a truly South African tradition trusted by so many mothers. "

- Maggie Kitshoff