Based on the traditional recipe known to mothers as 'Jungle Juice', JuJuice™ is a ready mixed natural and preservative free powder to provide support to mothers during the breastfeeding period.

JuJuice™ contains blackthorn berry extract and is high in Energy and Vitamin C.
This recipe is known to South African Mothers and Industry Professionals alike. Jujuice celebrates breastfeeding!
  • An excellent nutritional supplement for breastfeeding mothers
  • Provides energy
  • Contains Electrolytes and prevents dehydration
  • Contains vitamin C
  • Convenient and Easy
  • Contains blackthorn berry extract
  • Contains all the 'active ingredients' typically found in the prescribed recipe
The most important ingredient is blackthorn berry extract (prunus spinosa). This natural component is often mixed into tonics to support breastfeeding and is blended with vitamin C and electrolytes. 

Simply mix powder into water and enjoy!

Drink 2 liters in the first 24-hour period and thereafter drink 1 liter a day. 

Warning: Not to be taken by individuals who are fructose intolerant. To be used with caution by individuals with impaired kidney function, liver damage or diabetes. This product contains sugar.
JuJuice™can be enjoyed by the whole family. It is an excellent tonic to restore vitality and to provide electrolytes to a tired body. Jujuice™ ia a wonderfull tonic when recuperating from an illness or to simply add energy and vitality to ones day. Jujuice is also great to consume during periods of exercise.